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學生緊急連絡卡Emergency Contact Card for Students


Chienkuo Technology University: Emergency Contact Card for Students


There are three things that can help keep you safe on the telephone: Listening, hanging up, and examining.



1. Listening: Listen very carefully to what the speaker is saying.  Beware of anyone who asks for money from a student’s parents in order to save the student’s life in emergency situations such as hospitalization or kidnapping.



2. Hanging up: After answering a suspicious phone call, hang up to avoid any emotional manipulation attempts by gangsters or criminals.    



3. Examining: Immediately dial CTU’s emergency phone number to contact your class advisor, the student administrative division or the student’s friend to confirm his/ her situations. Also, you can dial the anti-fraud hotlines at 165 or 110 to report your case.


家長緊急聯繫查證電話 Parent Emergency Contact Numbers學校電話 (CTU main phone no.) 04-7111111 校安電話 (school security phone no.)04-7111149

學生第一宿舍 (1st student dormitory)04-7116789   

學生第二宿舍 (2nd student dormitory)04-7112042

導師 (class advisor)__________________ 電話 (phone no.)_________________

同學(classmate) ____________ 電話 (phone no.)____________;同學(classmate) ____________電話 (phone no.)____________

彰基急診室 (Changhua Christian Hospital Emergency Room)04-72551237273949 

秀傳急診室(Show Chwan Memorial Hospital Emergency Room)04-7256166

彰化分局勤務中心電話 ( The Branch Office of Changhua Police Station)04-722439

卦山派出所 (Kua Shan Police Station)04-7284292



Anti-fraud hotlines, National Police Agency: 165, 110 

提醒您 尊重智財權 請勿非法影印 下載相關資料

安全是回家唯一的路  騎乘機車請戴安全帽   學務處生輔組 關心您

Safety is the only way leading to your home. Please remember to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.


Student Affairs Office: Campus Guidance Section cares about your safety

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